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2012 Popcorn Sales

Why Sell Popcorn?

Selling popcorn is easy! Research shows that 2 out of 3 people buy from a scout in uniform! What better way to plan your ideal year than to budget a hugely successful popcorn sale.

If your unit sells another product, adding popcorn to your sales effort will enable your unit to add more funds to your budget. And, as you already know, more funds means more program. Since you only have to pay for what you order (by the piece, not the case), you have nothing to lose..

Your unit will receive about a 30% profit on the sale. Since you only pay for the product(s) ordered, your profit is available to you immediately upon collection from your customers. Units may also qualify for an additional 3% bonus by fulfilling all three of the following conditions:


Key Popcorn Dates for 2012

Monday, August 20 Des Plaines Valley Council Popcorn Kickoff
Friday, August 24 Popcorn Show & Sell Order Due
August 27 - August 31 Schedule warehouse pickup time
Saturday, September 8 Popcorn Show & Sell pickup
Saturday, November 3 Show and Sell Return/Payment
Take Order Due
Prize Order Forms Due
Unit Treasurer Form Due
November 5 - 7 Schedule warehouse pickup time
Saturday, November 17 Popcorn Take Order Pickup
Friday, November 30 Final Popcorn payments due.


Delta Olympic Oil
5100 W. 70th Place
Bedford Park, IL 60638

Show and Sell

Show-n-Sell is a great way to introduce new and younger scouts to the popcorn sale. They can sell with other scouts and build confidence for their Take Order sale while heightening Scouting awareness. Schedule a “Blitz Day” for your unit, load up the wagons with popcorn and go door-to-door in your neighborhood! Plan a fun incentive to participate like ice cream, hot chocolate or a visit to the local playground at the end of the blitz.

Take Orders

Scouts are also encouraged to take an order form to neighboring houses, family parties, their parent’s work places, etc. and “pre-sell” popcorn.

Sell Popcorn On-Line

Consumers across the country can Support Scouting through a seamless and more enjoyable online shopping experience. Your Scouts can take advantage of guaranteed sales from out-of-town family and friends. See the detailed information at www.trails-end.com for more information on how to register your Scout.


And let’s not forget those prizes! Only registered Scouts qualify for prizes. See the prize list in Trails End Sales Form (add link) for the Trails End sponsored prizes and the Council is offering the following additional Council sponsored prizes too!

$600 Sellers: In addition to a Trails End prize and the BONUS Trails End $20 Amazon or Wal-Mart gift card, Scouts and their family are invited to a FREE Pizza Party at Enchanted Castle on Monday January 14, 2013! Pizza and pop for the whole family, raffle drawings for Enchanted Castle goodies and Wolves Gift Packages; and Scouts receive a roll of free tokens! Tokens and unlimited ride wrist bands will be available for a discounted price.
$1,800 Sellers: In addition to all of the Trails End Prizes, and the $600 Sellers Pizza Party; $1,800 and up sellers will be receiving a Wolves Game Prize Package to the January 19, 2013 Wolves Game including 2 gold level tickets, parking passes, a Wolves hat and the Scouts name featured on the Matrix Board.
$5,000 Sellers: In addition to ALL of the Trails End Prizes, and the $600 Sellers Pizza Party; $5,000 and up sellers will be receiving a Wolves Game Prize Package to the January 19, 2013 Wolves Game including 2 VIP tickets, parking passes, a Wolves jersey and the Scouts name featured on the Matrix Board.
(Additional discounted tickets will be available for purchase at both Wolves Game Prize Levels)
Top District Sellers and Top Online Seller: The top seller from each district and the top online seller will be receiving; in additional to all of the other prizes….an iPad2! Top District Sales will be calculated from both traditional and online sales totals, if the Top Online Seller is also a Top District Seller an alternate prize or gift card of equal value may be selected.
Top Council Seller: The top Council Seller and their family will be invited to the Annual Council Banquet in February, and in addition to ALL of the other prizes will be receiving a $250 Wal-mart or Amazon Gift Card!

Not Selling Popcorn? No problem, here's an idea for you:

Looking for a fundraiser where you don’t have to haul popcorn? We’ve got an easy fundraiser for those units who do not want to participate in the traditional popcorn sale. Scouts can participate in the new “Popcorn for our Troops®” fundraiser through Trails End Popcorn. Trails End will donate popcorn to be sent to U.S. troops across the U.S. and throughout the world with every $30 or $50 donation from this program.

There is no need for the unit to handle any popcorn for this program. Just get the donations, tally the totals, and make your payment on time. These sales count towards the prize program and the unit receives a 30% commission.

Is this donation Tax Deductible?

The customer needs to talk to their tax advisor, but as long as the Scout provides the Thank You receipt to the customer, military donations should be 100% tax deductible.

If you have any questions, please contact the council office at 708-354-1111. We can provide you with posters and order forms.

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